Emirates Lounge Vase

First Class for Emirates Vase

Percival Aviation worked closely with the team at Emirates to design and manufacture the Emirates Lounge Vase.

Cabin interior products need to meet strict weight limits and pass rigorous vibration and load tests.

However, Emirates specialises in luxury experience. Therefore, the cabin interior needs to be suitable for their premium experience.

In this case, Percival Aviation utilised high-quality materials to create a bespoke flower vase. We are proud to see the Emirates Lounge Vase in their A380s’ business and first-class areas.

Percival Aviation has been on a mission to become the supplier of choice for aircraft interiors since inception in 1978. By using new technology to create the perfect solution for our clients, we get closer to our goal.

Building our range of available materials, and investing in staff, has enabled us to offer a cradle-to-grave solution for cabin interiors. 

We take pride in our faster, cost-effective service that produces higher quality products than the OEM.

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